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A Small Circle of Friends


Welcome to A Small Circle of Friends, a blogging group for the well-read and the ill-at-ease.

The idea behind A Small Circle of Friends is that represents a forum for people who take their writing seriously and themselves less so to connect with one another and share in a an adventurous and fun atmosphere. No streams, no 140 character soundbytes, no attentionn grabbers,  just the writing.

A quick guide to using – to be a part of the circle, either as a blogger or a reader, you’ll need:

  • A WordPress Account to post your writing on (or for us to get to know you as a reader);
  • A Gmail or similar account to receive notifications by email and
  • A sense of adventure and a taste for the unexpected

You’ll find two stickies below – one to let you know who the members of the Small circle are (and, while we can only hope, we hope it will stay a small circle) and how to visit them and one of the latest posts, which we will update daily.

From there –

pack your reading glasses, your good blogging shoes, some snacks and an appetite for terra incognito. It’s going to be fun.


Latest Posts

Latest Posts from the Small Circle:

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4/13/2012 –  Tarnation & Eudemonia “Seb in an Aubergine Dress

3/29/2012 – Shona. In Focus “That Picture in Your Mind

An old friend!

Hi Gang – great news. an old friend from MySpace, Katherine Shirley, has et up shop here on WordPress.  We know K has many, many fans here, so here’s her blog location and we hope to see you all over there, celebrating her wonderful wise an witty poems!


if you know of any ex-Spaceballs out there who may care to join the circle, let us know!