Latest Posts

Latest Posts from the Small Circle:

5/4/2012 – The Weaponized Blonde “I am not and nor have I ever been a monkey”

5/4/2012 – Radney’s Random Music Page “Nothing is Straight in My House”

4/29/2012 – Shona. In Focus “The Whack Attack”

4/29/2012 – Coming Soon, My Blog! “Turkish Moon

4/27/2012 – Tarnation & Eudemonia  “the emperor of maryland”

4/24/2012 – Shona. In Focus “Strange Array

4/24/2012 – The Tennessee Rose “There used to be this place

4/19/2012 – Tarnation & Eudemonia “From the Walking Man

4/13/2012 –  Tarnation & Eudemonia “Seb in an Aubergine Dress

3/29/2012 – Shona. In Focus “That Picture in Your Mind


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