The Small Circle

Currently and in no particular order, these are the friends who form the Small Circle:


Shona. In Focus.



The Tennessee Rose


Coming Soon, My Blog!

Ninety Four Two Forty Nine

Pyrotechnie Domestique

The Poetic Orchard

The Weaponized Blonde

Radney’s Random Music Page

My delightful mental problems

tarnation and eudemonia

A World in Her Own Words

A poet’s view

Reader, Meet Author

Cities of Tiny Lights


8 thoughts on “The Small Circle

  1. Nice to see Cassie and Mel come onboard!

  2. e says:

    Hello! Great to see you all…


  3. Ello, I was pointed in this direct by Lois. I’m Vampirewatermelon over on Myspace and I’m all worried because it seems soon we’ll no longer have a home :/ This place is completely new to me so there will inevitably be lots of mess caused by me, but I’ll try to bring cake to compensate 🙂 xxx

  4. Hello everyone. I have just joined! I am really looking forward to sharing with everyone here!

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